Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency

Our Emergency Management Agency (EMA), is responsible for providing a comprehensive Emergency Management program for all residents in Hamilton County, Iowa.  To be best prepared for disaster, this is accomplished with four main programs:  Preparation, Response, Recovery, and Mitigation.  We use a multi-hazard approach that addresses all risks that threaten the health and safety of our citizens to include natural disasters, man-made or technological incidents, and civil actions.  The Emergency Management Commission is comprised of the mayor of each jurisdiction, the Sheriff, and one member of the Board of Supervisors, under provisions the State Code of Iowa.  The Coordinator handles the daily office duties of developing and revising plans, coordinating training, completing the required state and federal projects, submitting quarterly and annual reports, preparing budgets, severe weather awareness, hazardous materials plans and in-county facility site inspections, Homeland Security plans and programs, plus other activities.

Preparedness.  The EMA coordinates disaster actions with the Hamilton County Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.  This plan provides for response to tornados, flooding, winter storms, hazardous materials and/or radiation accidents (industrial or transportation), and acts of terrorism.  Public warning systems are actively promoted.  The towns in our county have outdoor warning sirens and all citizens are urged to have indoor warning receivers.

Response.  Severe weather spotter courses and other training is provided for our first responders including fire and rescue, law enforcement and medical personnel.  Both Hamilton County and Webster City have Emergency Operations Centers from which the response to larger scale incidents can be coordinated.  Our plan designates 16 functions that may be required during a disaster, and who is responsible for each area.

Recovery.  Recovery actions are taken after a disaster to meet the needs of the public to restore services, and assistance to return individual lives and the business community to as normal of condition as possible.  EMA will help coordinate county and city resources to needed disaster areas in our county, and will assist in requesting state and federal assistance from various support agencies.

Mitigation.  Studies are done after disasters occur, to determine what measures could be taken to prevent as much property damage or injuries or loss of life in future events.  The Emergency Management Agency then develops a plan to implement reasonable and cost effective measures that will lessen the impact on our communities, citizens, and daily living routines upon the next emergency event.


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