DispatchHamilton County Communications is staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year by seven full time and two part time dispatchers. Hamilton County Dispatchers are trained in answering 911 calls, Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) and in dispatching law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services throughout Hamilton County. Hamilton County Dispatchers are certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, Iowa Department of Public Safety and Priority Dispatch.

Our staff are highly trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) through the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch. Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) refers to a system that enhances services provided by Public Safety Answering Point (emergency) call takers, such as municipal emergency services dispatchers. It does so by allowing the call taker to quickly narrow down the caller's type of medical or trauma situation, so as to better dispatch emergency services, and provide quality instruction to the caller before help arrives.

Hamilton County’s Dispatch is equipped with the state of the art technology.  Our dispatch is equipped with iam responding  this system lets dispatch know immediately who is responding to the calls and dispatches, where they are responding, and when they will be responding.  This saves critical time, and reduces response times, for fire departments and EMS agencies.

Additional technology, Computer Aided Dispatch through Shield Technology and mapping through GEO- Comm.

 Luanne Paper
Dispatch Coordinator

Chris Segar
Dispatch Supervisor

Susan Burke
Jes Krause
Cassidy Miller
Shilea Angstrom-West
Xia Helm
Nicole Schmidt
Baylen Haglund
Julie Twedt