Motor Vehicle

PLEASE NOTE - Effective January 1st, 2020, the Hamilton County Treasurer's office will require customers to provide a bill of sale when transferring titles to motor vehicles and trailers between private parties.  A bill of sale or purchase agreement is already required for vehicles purchased from a dealership.

The bill of sale should include the seller's name, make of the vehicle, year of the vehicle, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), buyer's name, date of sale, purchase price and signature of seller and buyer.  Download of Bill of Sale form here.

The Iowa State County Treasurer's Association in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue aim to substantiate vehicle purchase prices, which have a direct impact on the fees that are remitted to the State's Road Use Tax Fund.

The Motor Vehicle department issues vehicle titles, registration renewals, personalized and other special license plates, and junking certificates.  Security interests are notated and released and refunds of credits are processed.  The Motor  Vehicle department serves as an agent of the Iowa Department of Transportation and Iowa Department of Revenue.

No title transfers after 4:00 p.m.

Motor Vehicle Renewal (click to pay online). 

  • Online service is not available if the vehicle registration fees are past due, proof of SR22 insurance is required, any state debts are owed, the vehicle has a 1/2 year license or is apportioned.
  • Note:  you are not eligible to renew online unless you received a renewal notice through the US Postal Service that contains a PIN (personal identification number) for online renewals.
  • Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards, as well as eCheck (electronic check) are accepted for Internet transactions.  There will be a service delivery fee.

  • Updated Service Delivery Fees Effective 1/2/2020
    E-Checks - 25 cents
    Credit Cards - 2.25%
    Debit Cards - $2.00